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Maturix® Smart Concrete® Sensors

Maturix Starter Kit

Maturix Starter Kit

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Designed to let you try out the Maturix system to see its benefits, the Maturix Starter Kit includes the following items:

- 2 wireless, reusable GAIA 2000 concrete sensors
- 1 base station
- 2 three-meter (9.8-feet) thermocouple wires

All of these make up an easy-to-set-up system that comes with three months of subscription service at no extra charge. Simply install the base station to get a 1-kilometer-wide network that your Maturix system will use for data transmission and reporting. Then, attach your thermocouple wires to each concrete monitoring area. And finally, connect the wires to the sensors. Once connected, your sensors will work instantly, allowing you to start your concrete monitoring as soon as possible.

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Intelligent real-time concrete monitoring


We’ve designed, tested, and manufactured products specifically for use in the construction industry. Which is why we’re sure we’ll be able to assist you with your construction related requirements. 

Starter Kit Content

1) 3 (Three) Maturix GAIA 200 Sensors
2) 1 (One) Wireless Base Station
3) 1 (One) 5-pack of 5 Meter Thermocouple Wires