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Introducing Our New Maturix Starter Kit

Get everything you need to start monitoring your concrete simply and quickly right away

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Improve efficiency on your next construction project with Maturix® Smart Concrete® Sensors 

  • Construction Supervisor

    “We are really happy with Maturix. Compared to other maturity meters that we have used before, Maturix is way handier! You take the cable, connect it to the device, and you’re good to go.”

  • Project Manager

    "To gain five weeks on a civil project of 40 weeks is an amazing time- and cost-saving action. I am definitely going to use Maturix for my next project as I believe it is the best solution on the market."

  • Site Supervisor

    “First question on Monday morning: ‘Is it okay to strike?’ First thing I do is look at the Maturix system to see the status. It’s great that you can check it anytime from your phone and don’t even need to be on-site.”

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